Friday, August 28, 2009

On Place at AHN|VHS, Opening: Friday, September 4th, 6-10pm

On Place
Alexis Granwell, Karsten Grumstrup, Heidi Neilson
September 4 - September 27, 2009
Opening: Friday September 4th, 6-10pm

AHN|VHS presents a group exhibition of works on paper from flat file artists Alexis Granwell, Karsten Grumstrup and Heidi Neilson.

On Place features works that depict the experience of place via non-literal visual memory. Mapping by memory appears in these works as a navigational tool. Notions of the sublime are present as well, as they all confront the fine line dividing the magnificent and the mundane; the crux of the horizon.

Granwell's etchings reference topographical and location maps of the earth and the stars. These sparse and organic abstractions interweave the ephemeral and concrete, never quite identifiable as earth or air, hypothetical or defined.
Grumstrup's series of horizons evoke notions of the sublime with the curious dichotomy of the infinite sky above hard ground. Drawn with ink on book board, the rhythmic mountain-scape flowing across each image hints at the intangible unknown yet their minute size maintains their familiarity.
Neilson's etchings of rooftops as seen from the windows of the N train in Queens, NY, capture these houses from an angle never seen by their inhabitants and viewed only by the artist while in transit, offering both the mystery of what lies below while revealing the unseen aspect of these mundane structures.

Alexis Granwell has exhibited at The Arlington Center for the Arts, Tiger Strikes Asteroid, Pentimenti, and the Delaware Center for Contemporary Art, among others. She received an MFA from The University of Pennsylvania in 2007.
Karsten Grumstrup is a works on paper and book artist based in Philadelphia and Nevada. He received an MFA from SUNY Stoneybrook in Printmaking.
Heidi Neilson is book artist, printmaker and mixed media artist based in Long Island City, New York. Neilson's work has been exhibited at The Queens Museums, Queens, NY, BravinLee programs, New York, NY, and The Drawing Center, New York, NY, among many others. She is also a founder of the SP Weather Station.

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