Thursday, May 14, 2009

Arden Bendler Browning in New American Paintings!

Happy to announce that AHN|VHS artist and fellow Philadelphian artist Arden Bendler Browning is featured in the lastest issue of New American Paintings! The juried review highlights current movements, trends and general observations on the best of the best of contemporary painting.

"Collapsible #2 (Hurricane)" 2008

Arden's most recent work deals with the endless tension between organic growth and human sprawl, particularly in the urban environment. Her landscapes are rendered using baroque and jagged marks interspersed with suggestive abstraction to create dynamic scenes so steady in their chaos that they achieve a graceful balance. According to Arden, there is no good or bad side in this conflict, but simply the constant cycle of decay and renewal.

See more images on the artist's site here

From the New American Painting website:
Above all, these artists’ works reflect the pluralistic nature of painting today and underscore the notion that anything goes and everything is possible. Represented are realist interpretations of still-life and the figure, compositions with roots in Abstract Expressionism, and works that explore enigmatic narratives, environmental messages, and the psychological landscape...
The works of Robert Goodman, Rebecca Rutstein, and Arden Bendler Browning, share a subtle common strand in their adept layering of forms, incorporation of linear structures that resemble netting or industrial fencing, and a frenetic energy created by bold, curvilinear elements.

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